Habitat & Parish of Mater Christi Partner on Delaware!

January 11, 2013


Habitat announces its first Catholic faith-based house sponsorship with the Parish of Mater Christi, a Roman Catholic Faith Community led by Rev. Kenneth J. Doyle.  The home will be located in Albany’s South End neighborhood on Delaware Street and is part of the “Morton’s Walk” on Alexander and Delaware Streets project.

The Mater Christi House is one of the six new, two-story homes currently being built on Delaware Street, and is a part of the greater “Morton’s Walk” project, which also includes ten Habitat homes around the corner on Alexander Street. By this spring, sixteen simple, decent and affordable houses will be built in this neighborhood, nine of which are already occupied by hardworking families. This project will bring broad transformational change in a neighborhood in desperate need of revitalization and for families pursuing the dream of homeownership.

As Habitat’s first Catholic faith community house sponsorship, Reverend Kenneth J. Doyle is excited to start building. “Central to the Catholic life,” said Father Doyle, “is the desire to share one’s blessings. I can’t think of a better way than to offer a deserving family the opportunity to have their own home. Our parishioners have jumped at this chance to help.” Parishioners of Mater Christi will not only raise money for the sponsorship, but they will also volunteer on the construction site and work hand-in-hand with our wonderful volunteers and homeowners. Habitat is thrilled to work with the Catholic community of the Capital Region and is looking forward to continued partnerships.


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