Sponsor A Scholar

Our Partnership

Habitat for Humanity Capital District (HfHCD) and Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar are partnering to provide hardworking, lower-income families with the chance to own a home and to prepare their children for high school graduation and higher education.

By supporting Habitat for Humanity, you help provide children with a safe, quiet place to do their homework, explore their creativity and get a good night’s sleep. In fact, we have partnered with Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar to ensure that hardworking families not only have a decent place to live, but have the tools their children need to graduate high school and earn a college degree. Qualified families can now become Habitat homeowners and enroll their eligible high schoolers in the Sponsor-A-Scholar mentorship and scholarship program. Because at Habitat, we know that success in school starts at home.

As you know, HfHCD uses donated labor, materials and money to build affordable homes for qualified, first-time homebuyers. Working with the same hardworking, lower-income population, Sponsor-A-Scholar provides mentors, academic tutoring and other social interactions for selected students enrolled in Albany, Schenectady and Troy High Schools. Students of families that qualify for Habitat’s homeownership program may apply to the Sponsor-A-Scholar’s program.

Sponsor-A-Scholar graduates 95% of their students vs. 50% for the same demographic from the public schools in which they work.

An Environment for Learning

Building an environment for learning will not only increase a child’s quality of life but that of the whole community.

When one child succeeds, it is society who also benefits, through higher graduation rates, college enrollment and a productive workforce.

According to research done by the Homeownership Alliance of Nonprofit Downpayment Providers:

  • Children of homeowners have a 25 %higher high school graduation rate
  • Homeowners’ children are 2x as likely to acquire some post-secondary education
  • Children of homeowners are 116% more likely to graduate from college

“When you can also add a safe, decent place to call your home, a room of your own to get a good night’s sleep, read a book and do your homework in a quiet and nurturing environment, that’s the formula for even greater success. This partnership ties it all together to ensure our children have everything they need to succeed..”

— Mike Jacobson, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Capital District

How Can I Help?

Help support  Habitat for Humanity Capital District  and Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar in their mission to create a better life and a better future for our  youth.

  • Sponsor a Habitat family and Sponsor-A-Scholar student. Full Sponsorships are split between both Habitat for Humanity Capital District and Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar.  For more information, contact HfHCD Director of Development at (518) 462-2993.
  • Get involved with Sponsor-A-Scholar, Inc. by becoming a donor, sponsor or mentor. For more information, contact Sponsor-A-Scholar at (518) 935-1045 or visit our website www.crsas.org.