Community Service Volunteers

Volunteers needing to complete mandated Community Service hours for class, court or other reasons are welcome to complete these hours at the Habitat ReStore or on one of our construction sites.

2 x 4 detail (1) We recommend completing your hours at one location to make it easier to track your hours. All court-appointed Community Service volunteers must view our Community Service Policy to see if they are able to complete their hours with Habitat for Humanity Capital District.  

Signing up for volunteer hours:

1.  Create a Giveffect Profile.

2.  Select the desired volunteer shift(s) and sign up.

3.  If you can no longer attend your scheduled volunteer shift, log into your account and cancel your scheduled shift.  

Attending your volunteer shift:

1.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for your scheduled shift.

2.  Find the construction site/ReStore manager and inform them you are there to complete community service hours.

3.  Be sure to sign in and out.

4.  Before leaving have the site/ReStore manager sign off on your hours on the provided Community Service Log. Hours must be signed off on that day. Your Community Service Log must remain on site/ReStore.

5.  We recommend you keep your own copy of your hours as well.  


Q: Am I eligible to complete court-mandated Community Service hours with Habitat for Humanity Capital District?

A: Please see our Community Service Policy.  

Q: Do I need to have any construction knowledge to volunteer?

A: Nope! We have staff on site and at the ReStore to provide volunteers guidance.  

Q: What if the available volunteer shifts do not fit my schedule?

A: We try to make our volunteer shifts as accommodating as possible without interfering with the work flow. If the scheduled times do not fit your schedule we are unable to accommodate your needs and you should find an organization that can.  

Q: What if I forget to have the manager sign off on my hours?

A: All hours must be signed off on the day the hours were completed. Without a managers signature these hours will not be counted.  

Q: How will I know where to go and what to bring on my volunteer day?

A: You will receive an email letting you know what to bring, where to go and when to be there after signing up for a volunteer shift.  

Q: What if I need verification of my hours?

A: We are happy to provide a signed letter on our letterhead documenting your volunteer hours. Please request a letter for your total hours, after your last volunteer day is complete, by emailing our Coordinator of Volunteers Mandee at Please include the site location, volunteer date, total hours and where you need your hours sent. We must be able to verify your hours to complete this letter so please make sure to sign in/out at your volunteer location. Allow two weeks from your request to receive your letter in the mail. We cannot guarantee that we can provide your letter earlier, so please plan accordingly.  


Community Service Policy Community Service Log