Community Service Policy

Habitat for Humanity Capital District welcomes participants who are required by a court to complete community service hours. 

hard hats detail (2)-002 While all of our volunteer opportunities are open to such participants, the timeframe required for the hours’ completion typically means that an individual will complete these hours at our ReStore.  

To be eligible to use Habitat for Humanity Capital District as a source for completing community service, your sentence must involve:

1.  No convictions of a violent nature. 2.  No convictions of an offense of a sexual nature. 3.  No convictions of theft or burglary. 4.  Written confirmation of the number of community service hours to be completed.  

Additionally, you must:

5.  Sign a Volunteer Waiver (paper or electronic) prior to beginning community service. 6.  Schedule yourself for desired hours through Giveffect. If none of the hours posted online will work for you, then we will be unable to accommodate your needs for community service hours. 7.  Sign in upon arrival at the work location. 8.  Sign out when you leave the site and locate a staff person to sign your Community Service Log, verifying your attendance and hours. If you do not have a staff member sign your form, your hours will not count toward your requirement. 9.  Have a minimum of 25 hours to complete. 10.  Be responsible for tracking and handing in their own hours. The Habitat for Humanity Capital District office or the ReStore should only be contacted as a last resort to verify these hours.   Please note:  Habitat for Humanity Capital District reserves the right to terminate this agreement for community service if the participant is in any way unproductive, disruptive, or in any other way negatively impacts the accomplishment of the daily goals.  

Download a PDF of the HfHCD Community Service Policy.