Sheridan Hollow, Albany

Sheridan Hollow

The Vision

A vibrant, diverse neighborhood with increased affordable homeownership opportunities and new commercial and retail investment.

Habitat and its partners are redeveloping Sheridan Hollow, one of the City’s most neglected neighborhoods, into a mixed-income, mixed-use sustainable community. The Sheridan Hollow project will increase the City’s tax base, eliminate blight and promote re-investment in an important and historically significant neighborhood.

Habitat for Humanity Capital District and the Touhey Homeownership Foundation are leading the development of affordable, mixed-income homeownership opportunities in Sheridan Hollow with 24 new single- and two-family homes planned for Sheridan Avenue, Orange Street and Lark Street. Housing Visions, a non-profit developer, is building quality, affordable rental units and mixed-use commercial buildings in the neighborhood— one of the commercial spaces will soon be home to Habitat’s new headquarters!

Habitat is also working with our partners at the Veterans Administration to redevelop the World War II Memorial that originally stood on the northeast corner of Sheridan Avenue and Dove Street. A new memorial will be developed in a small park area across the street as an important and visible reminder of the sacrifices that service men and women have made for our country.

Phase 1, which included the construction of 10 single-family and 4 two-family homes, is complete! Read more about our celebration here.

Phase 2, which includes the construction of 10 single-family homes, is underway. Stay up to date with our progress by “liking” us on Facebook and subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter.

The Community Planning Charrette

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In April 2012, Habitat for Humanity Capital District led an intensive design charrette to collect community input, ideas and feedback to develop a plan for Albany’s Sheridan Hollow neighborhood. The charrette was a multi-day, collaborative planning event that engaged all affected parties, including stakeholders, residents, business owners and city departments, to create and support a feasible plan that would effect transformative community change. This large-scale planning begot an implementation strategy to develop a significant portion of the Sheridan Hollow neighborhood and achieve a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable community.

The number and diversity of the partners involved in both the planning charrette and the subsequent revitalization project is groundbreaking. Habitat brought together stakeholders from city, county and state government; local colleges and universities; non-profits and community organizations focusing on a range of issues; experts in the fields of housing, historic preservation, parks, transportation, public safety and urban planning; and, most importantly Sheridan Hollow residents.

At the end of each day, a master plan was generated and revised based on composite maps and comments reflecting the collective public vision. Nearly 400 people participated in the charrette.

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