Our Impact

Habitat has never been better positioned to bring about real, lasting positive change in our community. We are at a turning point.

This is our vision: communities where maintenance workers and doctors live alongside one another, where families of different backgrounds get together at the neighborhood park, where children have safe places to learn and play, where a person’s zip code doesn’t determine their life expectancy, where everyone has access to vital services, and where our downtowns are once again vibrant centers of activity.

25 years of experience in the community have proven:

Good housing is the foundation for a better future, and impacts education, health, environment, and the stabilization of our communities.

Why We Build- Vision


With a quiet place to do homework and read a book in peace, kids thrive. Habitat homes provide children with the space to study and dream. Children of Habitat homeowners graduate from high school 97% of the time and often go on to earn a college degree. And it’s not just children who benefit—because their mortgage payments are affordable, homeowners often have enough money left over to go back to school and earn a degree.


In search of an affordable place to live, many lower-income families in the Capital District move into substandard and unhealthy apartments. These conditions create a cascade of negative health outcomes. In contrast, Habitat homes are clean, energy efficient and warm. Families in safe, healthy homes have far fewer incidences of asthma, obesity and diabetes and children miss fewer days of school due to illness.


Habitat homes are kinder to the health of our environment. We build our homes to green standards, ensuring a smaller environmental footprint and sustainability for the future. Our homes are extremely energy efficient, providing a legacy of energy savings both for the homebuyers we serve and the planet. Habitat is proud to announce that ten homes in our recent “Morton’s Walk” project were awarded LEED Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for achievement in green homebuilding and design.

Habitat’s commitment to the environment is also embodied in our ReStore. The store accepts donations of new or gently used appliances, cabinets, furniture and materials from individuals and businesses and then resells them at low cost to the public. Between 2011 and 2013, the ReStore diverted 287 tons of building materials from the landfill to reuse.


Habitat transforms and stabilizes communities. During construction, Habitat invests millions of dollars into the local economy through our contractors and vendors. Once in their homes, Habitat homeowners pay local taxes and contribute to the economic vitality of the region. Homeowners typically take a more active role in the community than renters and are more likely to belong to school and community organizations. Entire neighborhoods are revitalized and brought back to life.

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