#1 (affordable) home builder & the cost to build

top home builder

Thanks to your support, we've made Albany Business Review's top home builders list for 2018! We came in at #7, but like to say we are the #1 affordable home builder. The list is published every fall and is based on sales from the previous year.

Our average sales price was $131,000. The next lowest average price for a homebuilder? $360,000.

We are proud to make this list yet again. To us, being a top home builder is more than a distinction—it’s a reminder about how we must keep building, serving more families and create more opportunities in our community. We know that a safe and affordable home can remove barriers to opportunity, success and well-being that might have been part of family for years, if not generations.

But we do not build affordable homes. We make them affordable by providing a subsidy to homebuyers. It costs us roughly $240,000 to build a single Habitat home—that’s including the discounts, in-kind donations and volunteer labor. If we sell homes at market-value for their neighborhoods at around $131,000, that’s a $109,000 gap in funds. So, how do we make it work? You. Your generosity and community support is needed to fill that gap, so we can keep building homes.

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