Changes to ReStore hours & policies

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We are committed to the ever-evolving needs of our ReStore customers, donors and volunteers. The Habitat ReStore—our generous donors, customers and volunteers—supports our mission and work, allowing us to serve more local families and build change in our revitalizing neighborhoods.

Changes to store hours

We get a lot of feedback wishing we were open later. After some reorganizing with our dedicated team members and volunteers, we think we’ve figured a schedule that works for nearly everyone!

Beginning October 14, 2019, the ReStore will change operating hours.

Wednesday: 12pm-7pm
Thursday: 12pm-7pm
Friday: 12pm-7pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

Changes to donation policy

In order to ensure more of the high-quality items you’ve come to expect and to provide a more streamlined donation experience, our generous donors will need to pre-schedule any donation pick-ups or drop-offs with our team.

What to expect

  • more streamlined donation experience

  • more convenient browsing

  • more top-quality inventory that you expect

How to schedule a donation drop-off

Get in touch with our team to coordinate a time to drop-off or pick-up your donations. Connect with our donations coordinator using our online form.

P.S. We have all been there, diriving around with a box of stuff to donate for months before getting around to it. Just think about how nice it will be to have some accountablity and get that stuff gone!

All items must be taken with you at time of purchase.

Starting October 16, 2019, all purchases must be taken with you at the time of purchase. We no longer have the space to store purchased items.

We will provide customers with a courtesy two-hour window to hold an item to make arrangements for transportation, but the item cannot be paid for until these arrangements have been finalized and the item is ready to be loaded into your vehicle.

This change will also make it much easier to browse the sales floor and helps our team be more available to assist you. As always, our team members are happy to help you identify local truck rental options and help load your purchase.

What’s next?

You can expect more changes in the near future. We’re working on some interior changes, so you can shop in a more comfortable shopping environment, especially with the upcoming winter months. We’re working on ways to really connect you with the impact every donation, every purchase and every volunteer has on our work here in Albany and Troy. And working on being more transparent about our pricing.

We will continue to work on the balancing act that is pricing at the ReStore, to find pricing that fits the desire of customers, honors the generosity of our donors, fits with Habitat for Humanity International’s pricing guidelines, and still supports our mission and work to partner with local families and communities to build strength & stability through affordable homeownership.

For now, here’s some additional ways you can stay in the loop and support our work:

Join us at our annual gathering, Homecoming, on October 24.